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About the Alliance for Innovation

discover why "82% of alliance members are above the average rate in their adoption of innovative practices, and over half are in the very high category."

Dr. James H. Svara, Former Director, Center of Urban Innovation, Arizona State University, in a study of the scope and dynamics of innovation in city government

About Us

The Alliance for Innovation is inspiring innovation to advance communities with the help of our partners Arizona State University and the International City/County Management Association. 

Our Commitment

Guided by research and real-world experience, the Alliance impacts organizations and communities, changing the way local government performs. We are accessible and valuable to all levels of an organization.

Our Values

Premier Resource for Emerging Practices

The Alliance tests new ideas and processes in local government and delivers actionable knowledge about critical industry topics. Research, publications, and learning opportunities provide a link to innovative ideas and practices.

Building Cultures of Innovation

Leading-edge conferences such as BIG Ideas and Transforming Local Government challenge conventional thinking and inspire change. The Innovation Academy and the Ambassador Program bring transformational resources to your fingertips.

Connecting Thought Leaders

Our members represent a wide variety of communities, positions, and perspectives with the common vision of fostering innovation in local government. The Alliance is your platform to connect with local government entrepreneurs.

Our Strategic Plan

In 2016, the Alliance Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan identifying the ways in which the Alliance will deliver on its commitment to local governments and its core values. This four-part plan over the course of four years demonstrates how the Alliance will be the catalyst for more vibrant communities through local government innovation.

Strategic Plan

Read more at Alliance Charts Path for the Future

How Do I Get More Involved?

There are many ways to get more involved with the Alliance for Innovation:

Recent Updates

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