Surveys for Data-Driven Decisions

Data-driven means bringing effective evaluation to the table for your community - choosing the right methods will result in better analysis and results for now and into the future.

ICMA has identified surveys for data-driven decisions as a leading practice for local governments to pursue in evaluating their performance, enhancing their communications with the community, and helping with decision making. It is proud to partner with National Research Center, Inc. to bring education and technical assistance to help you  implement effective and proven data methods for your organization.


The ICMA/NRC partnership provides independent, high-quality surveys and other research, along with the support you need to translate that research into action.


Through this leading practice relationship, NRC provides support to community leaders who want to use data more efficiently and effectively. NRC specializes in the creation of low-cost, scientifically accurate surveys complete with reports that make sense to an array of community stakeholders.

Together with ICMA, NRC pioneered the development of The National Citizen Survey™ (NCS) and The National Employee Survey™ (NES)--two components in a suite of products designed to enhance the public voice and aid local decision-making.

The NCS gathers resident opinion about community livability and government services. The NES provides local government insights about workers’ engagement and satisfaction with diverse facets of their job.

Through the use of our survey products and action-oriented toolkits, NRC can help you

  • Improve service delivery
  • Strengthen communication with stakeholders
  • Identify clear priorities for strategic plans and budgets.

ICMA's partner, the National Research Center, is a leader in the field of public sector research and evaluation, with clients across the country and around the globe. Its skilled team of social science researchers helps cities, counties, foundations, and nonprofit organizations to thrive.


ICMA's partnership with the National Research Center offers a range of products and services to meet your organization’s needs, including:

Survey Products

Specialty Surveys
Program Evaluation
Performance Measurement
Needs Assessments
Policy Analysis
Focus Groups
Training and Technical Assistance




To learn more about National Research Center, visit their website or email

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