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Solar Powering Your Community Workshop Series

The SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership, is hosting a workshop in a city near you! These FREE half-day workshops will provide context specific information to stimulate action and strengthen networks around solar development on the local-level. Areas of focus will include: 1) revising zoning codes and ordinances to allow for solar; 2) streamlining permitting processes to facilitate solar installations; 3) financing solar projects; and 4) installing solar on municipal and other community facilities. Case study examples will highlight successful practices and lessons learned from communities that completed solar projects.

Upcoming Workshops

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Solar Powering Your Community Webinar Series


Upcoming Webinars


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Past Webinar Recordings


Solar Webinar: Innovative Solutions for Solar Financing



Financing Solar in a Fiscally Constrained Time: Power Purchase Agreements Webinar

 This webinar focuses on how local and regional municipalities can use power purchase agreements to reduce upfront costs to installing solar, while providing additional revenue streams.



Regional Collaborative Procurement for Solar PV Webinar

 Learn how through collaborative procurement, communities can reduce the up-front costs of solar installations by working together as a group to evaluate project sites, procure solar systems and negotiate contracts, thus yielding much lower transaction costs for each individual partner.



Solar America Communities Webinar

 This webinar provides an overview of the Solar America Communities project, the current state of the solar industry, common obstacles and myths associated with solar, and the potential for solar as an economic driver within regions.

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Innovative Solutions for Solar Financing Webinar

Financing of solar projects remains a major barrier to the more widespread adoption of solar technologies. This webinar will feature successful solar projects from Sonoma County, California and the Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network.

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Solar Powering Your Community Toolkit



Solar Powering Your Community

This guide can help stimulate ideas or provide a framework for a comprehensive solar plan for a community. It introduces a range of policy and program options that can help a community build a local solar infrastructure.



Solar Powering Your Community: A Guide for Local Governments, serves as the foundation for these outreach efforts.


2011 ICMA Solar Survey Summary Results

Survey results cover challenges to solar energy development, local initiatives, permitting and interconnection, planning, and financing options.


Solar Case Study: Lenox, Massachusetts

Lenox, a small town in the Berkshire Hills, is aMassachusetts Green Community. As a Green Community, Lenox received grant funding from the state, and the town has invested a portion of this funding into a grant program to help residents install solar on their homes.  With neighboring Pittsfield, Lenox is also participating in theSolarizeMass program, a partnership between the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the Green Communities Division of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, and participating communities around the state.


Solar Case Study: Solarize

Community-Based Collective Purchasing in West Linn, Lake Oswego, and Clackamas County, Oregon   In March 2012, the cities of West Linn and Lake Oswego, Oregon launched Solarize West Linn-Lake Oswego, a community-led solar initiative, supported by both cities, Clackamas County, and a grant from the city of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. Clackamas County also supported a Solarize campaign along with the county’s Oregon State University extension service – Growing Solar Clackamas County.


Solar Case Study: Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California has made solar a priority.  The city has several municipal installations, a robust set of solar design guidelines, and a Solar Design Reconition Program, which recognizes excellence in design of both active and passive solar systems.  The city also supported the local Solarize Santa Barbara campaign.


Solar Case Study: Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado is pursuing solar as part of the city's larger sustainability strategy.  In 2009, the city, population 325,078, updated its Comprehensive Plan to include a Sustainability Plan with goals for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and economic growth.  Aurora now has three solar PV installations on city properties and three solar thermal installations on city properties with plans for a fourth.  Additionally, Aurora has a streamlined permitting process and has adopted a renewable energy ordinance.


Solar Case Study: Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is leading by example when it comes to solar.  The city of 7,558, located southeast of Salt Lake City in the Wasatch Mountains is installing solar on municipal facilities, and working collaboratively with other jurisdictions in Northern Utah through the Wasatch Solar Challenge, one of the Department of Energy’s 22 Rooftop Solar Challenge teams.  Since 2009, Park City has installed four solar projects on municipal facilities and the city is planning to complete two additional projects in 2012.


Planning and Zoning for Solar Energy 

This PAS Essential Info Packet brings together articles and guidebooks, comprehensive plan sections, and an extensive collection of sample ordinances covering solar access, solar energy systems, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions About Planning and Zoning for Solar Energy

APA has compiled a list of frequently asked questions on planning and zoning for solar energy.


PAS QuickNotes on Planning for Solar Energy

This PAS QuickNotes (QN) discusses how public officials and engaged citizens can support solar goals through five strategic points of intervention in the local planning system.


Solar Energy Resources List

APA has compiled a list of resources on planning-related aspects of solar energy implementation.


Solar Briefing Papers

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 Profiles in Regional Solar Planning: A Handbook and Resource Guide

  The Guide is intended to provide guidance specifically to regional planning organizations on the unique roles they can play to move solar energy deployment forward in their regions.





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