Selection Process

1. Limit two (2) Innovation Showcase applications per local government.

2. Innovation Showcases should have been implemented in the last two years.

3. All applications will be read and reviewed by Selection Committee Members. The top applications are scheduled for an interview. (Be prepared to show a sample of your presentation at the interview!) Committee members, using the same evaluation system, weigh and score each application at the conclusion of the oral interview. The top applications are then forwarded to the Final Selection Committee for further review, and final selection.

4. Innovation Showcases will be evaluated and scored as follows:

Percent of Total Score          Category

20%                                                  Innovation
20%                                                  Collaboration
20%                                                  Significance and Applicable Results
20%                                                  Effectiveness
20%                                                  Conference Presentation

5. Selection Committee members are a combination of:

  • Alliance for Innovation Board Members (City/County Managers, Asst. Managers)
  • Alliance for Innovation staff
  • Host Community Representatives
  • Alliance for Innovation Ambassadors
  • Chief Innovation Officers

Complete the Form by September 7, 2018

All local governments are welcome to submit an Innovation Showcase application; you do not need to be an Alliance for Innovation member.  However, we do request an opportunity to meet with your organization to share the value and benefits of membership prior to the conference. Please suggest a couple meeting dates and times on the application to meet with a Regional Director.

NOTE: Local government organizations that are selected as Innovation Showcase presenters and/or awardees of an Alliance for Innovation Award are responsible for all associated costs, such as:

  1. Registration fees for each person at the conference (discounted through early registration cut off)
  2. All travel expenses including, but not limited to, air travel, hotel, car rental and other associated travel expenses