Other Resources (English and Chinese)

Additional practical information on laws, regulations, trends, and best practices.

Laws and Regulations PDF, 9 pp, 278 KB); Chinese (PDF, 9 pp, 321 KB

Introduction to Modern Landfill (PDF, 6 pp, 537 KB); Chinese (PDF, 6 pp, 628 KB)

LFG Properties and Movement (PDF, 4 pp, 140 KB);  Chinese (PDF, 4 pp, 234 KB)

LFG Quantification and Modeling (PDF, 3 pp, 60 KB); Chinese (PDF, 3 pp, 149 KB)

LFG Collection and Control (PDF, 6 pp, 423 KB); Chinese (PDF, 6 pp, 508 KB)

LFG Treatment (PDF, 4 pp, 301 KB); Chinese (PDF, 4 pp, 941 KB)

LFG Energy Recovery (PDF, 12 pp, 524 KB) Chinese (PDF, 12 pp, 431 KB)

Group Discussion (PDF, 2 pp, 59 KB); Chinese (PDF, 2 pp, 138 KB)

Carbon Financing (PDF, 4 pp, 112 KB); Chinese (PDF, 4 pp, 650 KB)

Trend in MSW Treatment (PDF, 11 pp, 1.1 MB); Chinese (PDF, 11 pp, 2.6 MB)

Relevant LFG Regulations in China (PDF, 4 pp, 158 KB); Chinese (PDF, 4 pp, 165 KB)

CDM and GHG Emissions Trading (PDF, 6 pp, 229 KB); Chinese (PDF, 6 pp, 553 KB)

Introduction of the Global Carbon Market (PDF, 3 pp, 260 KB); Chinese (PDF, 3 pp, 662 KB)

EPA M2M Grants: EPA has conducted a request for proposals in each of the past three years and has posted information on all the resulting awards on the Methane to Markets project tracking system:

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