Signature Events

Transforming Local Government Conference

TLG 2018 will take place April 3 - 6, in Tacoma, Washington and is sure to be another exciting, unique experience for local government practitioners of all levels.

Public Safety
2018 BIG Ideas Meeting

Join your colleagues for a lively discussion at the 10th annual BIG Ideas meeting in Austin, TX on October 26-28, 2018.

Michelle Royal Speaking Engagement
Leadership & Professional Development

The Alliance offers learning opportunities with leading presenters, keynote speakers and trainers that provide workshops, trainings and demonstrations.  Affordable local government experienced trainers, presenters and speakers deliver in-depth, practicable and customized content. Learning opportunities are offered exclusive to your organization only or as regional learning events. Many presentations and demonstrations can be scheduled either as on-site or electronically via GoToMeeting.  The following identifies standing workshops and demonstrations which can be customized to meet your individual needs. Current Available Workshops, Presentations and Demonstrations For more information contact your Regional Director or register at our events calendar.  Manage Like a Futurist Most of us use some sort of foresight all the time, e.g. monitoring the weather forecast to prepare for the next day. Participants who attend Manage Like a Futurist will learn the methods that professional futurists use to develop future scenarios, and how to put those methods to work for your municipality. Next Big Things What might your community look like in 2036? The Alliance for Innovation Board of Directors set out on a journey to discover the “Next Big Things” facing local governments.  We challenged ourselves to look beyond the horizon and imagine what our cities and counties might look like one generation from now.In this session, Alliance for Innovation staff take you back to think about what has changed over the last twenty years and challenge you to think ahead to be a future ready community. It includes an overview of the four forces and trends that should be on your radar. Attendees will also conduct a “Big Sort”, looking at our community's vulnerabilities and where we might need to focus.  Participants will leave the session with action steps they can take to be future ready. Six Qualities Linked to Innovation After an extensive study by ASU and the Alliance six distinctive qualities were identified that are shared with those local governments considered to be “innovative”.  This workshop walks attendees through the six qualities while challenging them to align the innovative qualities to their organization / departments / work units. Spreading Innovation Innovation is any idea or action that is new to a given organization and, when implemented produces a better result. This interactive session will look at how local governments can be mindful of the dual goals of creating innovative ideas and spreading those ideas that lead to positive change.   Workforce of the Future Learn ​the ​eight-step ​approach ​to ​becoming ​a ​talent-centric ​organization ​and ​translate ​the ​headwinds ​of ​change ​into ​a ​tailwind. Patrick Ibarra of the Mejorando Group, one of the leading experts on creating and implementing effective and Talent Management and Succession Planning programs for local governments, will lead an interactive workshop, which will include progressive and practical strategies and tools to attract, retain, and optimize talent. Attendees will walk away with a plan for next steps to move their organization forward!  



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