Sunday, September 22nd 7:00am - 2:00pm Hynes Convention Center, Main Lobby

Inspired by the Conference Planning Committee and culminating several months of work, ICMA and Strategic Partner Esri and new start-up MindMixer sponsored Hackstock for #LocalGov. Using data provided by local government managers, registered computer programmers assembled at the convention center and devoted a day to collaborating intensively on the creation of new technology applications for local governments and their citizens. Hackstock for #LocalGov was designed for developers to build apps and other tools,compete for prizes, and most importantly: create new applications for local governments to serve their residents. 



We are pleased to announce our Winners:

Grand Prize ($2,000) – Guido Stein proposed a means for internal or external queries of public information, ranging from physical assets (sign posts) to capital improvement projects, to determine how much money is being spent based on geography.  Using this app, a manager could show funds being spent on a particular neighborhood or district.

First Prize ($1,500) – Stephen Cook proposed a voter precinct application for delivering voter turn-out information based on the location of the polling place.  This would help elections commissions and voters determine appropriate locations to maximize voter turn-out.

Second Prize ($750) – Calvin Metcalf proposed a back-end tool to help get data sets out to mobile work crews for disconnected field work.  Personnel would be able to download the most recent and appropriate data sets and use their mobile devices regardless of the mobile platform.


The #LocalGov Technology Alliance is an Esri-ICMA initiative to explore the world of big data, open data, apps and dashboards, and what it all means for local governments. Join the conversation on the #LocalGov Technology Alliance Blog today!


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