Free Organizational Self Assessment Tools

Begin your work in the leading practices of High Performance Organizational Strategies and Civic Engagement by taking each of our free self assessments today!

HPO Organizational Self Assessment

  • Do all employees of your organization see the connection of the work they do every day to your mission/strategic focus?
  • Do people at all levels believe they should be doing leadership work (planning for the future, understanding customer's needs, improving the work of their work unit or department) and commit at least a percentage of their time to performing that leadership work? 
  • Do your police chief, fire chief, public works director (and
    other senior managers) see your management and leadership
    teams as their "first team?" Or, do they relate more and 
    focus more attention on the work of their department?
  • Do your departments share/model the vision and
    values that have been established for your organization?




HPO Organizational  Assessment





If your answers to these questions are "no" or "I don't think so", then you may want to consider utilizing the free HPO Organizational Assessment tool. 

Take the assessment yourself, or have your senior management team share their thoughts. When you have completed the assessment, you can also take advantage of a free consultation to review your results with the Center for Management Strategies subject matter expert on organizational development, the Commonwealth Centers for High Performance Organizations. For a free interpretation of your HPO Organizational Assessment results, contact John Pickering of the Commonwealth Centers for High Performance Organizations at

The HPO Assessment Tool is a good first step for moving your organization forward toward higher performance. And the free consultation with CCHPO is a great opportunity for you to get input and guidance based upon your individual results. And, it is free to you from ICMA and CCHPO! Download the free HPO Organizational Assessment and take this step for you and your organization as you work toward higher performance and productivity!


Click here to download the assessment. 


Civic Engagement Organizational self Assessment

  • Does your organization strive to engage the
    community in its decision making?
  • How do you set goals for public engagement and make decisions about what approaches
    are appropriate for each scenario? 
  • Where does responsibility for engagement
    activities lie?
  • Do you have a comprehensive plan for engagement
    that crosses all aspects of the organization?
  • Have you prepared your staff for this work with
    training and a coordinated direction to guide their efforts?
  • Do you evaluate your efforts? 

Civic Engagement Organizational Assessment       

Whether you are new to civic engagement work or if you have made civic engagement a significant part of your local government’s efforts, the civic engagement organizational assessment will help you to assess your approach, readiness and capacity to do this important work.

This free instrument can help you to identify where you may need assistance and to identify a work plan to enhance your civic engagement work. And, if you decide that you need some guidance or assistance to take your work to another level, the Center for Management Strategies and its practice leaders can assist you. Contact us to get started today!

Download the assessment today and begin your journey toward better building a better, more engaged community!

Click here to download the assessment. 



collaborative service delivery Discussion Matrix


  • Do you have a full, rich engaging discussion within your organization and with your potential partners about the opportunities available through a collaborative service arrangement?
  •  Do you fully understand the service being considered for alternative service delivery?
  • Do you fully understand the environment or context in which such a collaboration would occur?
  • Have you fully evaluated all the range of potential partners you have as well as the type of partnership that stands the most likelihood of success?

Take advantage of this free discussion matrix as developed by the partnership of ASU, AFI and ICMA  to inform any discussion on collaboration opportunities by building understanding of the services under consideration, the context in which collaboration is to occur, and identify the type of collaboriation that best meets your needs.         


Click here to download the Collaborative Service Delivery Discussion Matrix. 



Collaborative Service Delivery  Discussion Matrix



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