Finding Your True North

An Authentic Leadership Institute Program in collaboration with ICMA


  •  Are you on track to become the authentic leader you are uniquely meant to be?
  • What would happen if you had the tools to take control of your own leadership journey?
  •  How would that change your life, your career and your organization?
  • What would happen if you fully understood, and were operating from, your unique expression, and personal genius as a leader? 
This is your Authentic Leadership - your True North. 



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 “Finding Your True North” is an experiential program based on the research behind the best-selling book True North and the Harvard Business Review article “Discovering Your Authentic Leadership”.  This workshops curriculum will set you on the path to discovering your authentic self as a leader, aligning your intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, integrating your personal and professional life, and identifying external resources to support you on your leadership journey in the 21st century. 

This intensive, 1-1/2 day program is a small group learning experience with your peers and also includes a follow-up coaching/support session, with an ALI trained facilitator/former city manager.




Through your own crucible stories, you will find who you are as an authentic leader (your True North) 


Find your own guiding principles, and see how to express values, principles, and ethical boundaries in a deeply powerful way on a daily basis 


Discover how, through accessing your authenticity as a leader, you can support those around you to do the same 

Topics covered include:

  • What is an Authentic Leader?
  • “Purpose-driven” vs. “Ego-driven” leadership
  • The role of self-awareness
  • Discover where your talents are best utilized and what motivates you - Your Leadership Sweet Spot
  • Understand your Leadership Story
  • Put Leadership Back into Strategy  

Requirements: Pre-reading and reflective exercises 


A group coaching/support session with the ALI facilitator 30 days after the workshop to help sustain your effort. Participants receive an outline and coaching on how to form an action plan for applying the key insights gained at the session.  


Benefits to individual:

  • Greater ability to speak and act from an authentic vs. ego-based perspective
  • An opportunity for feedback and perspective on leadership style and strategies
  • Greater confidence in taking on “game-changing” initiatives
  • Clarity on your identity as a leader and the best place to apply your talents
  • Connecting with a group who can become an on-going base of support and advice 


Benefits to the organization:

  • Leaders who have a clear sense of self, who work from an authentic foundation
  • Leaders with a focus on integrity and ethics
  • A stronger results-oriented culture 


Created for managers and functional specialists at all career stages, Finding Your True North, serves individuals in leadership positions currently and those with excellent prospects for leadership within their organizations.  

  • Chief Administrators, Department Heads and Managers 
  • High potential mid-level leaders preparing for new career opportunities
  • People who are on the forefront of change, innovation and cross-functional integration
  • Participants in the ICMA University Workshop, Authentic Leadership in the Public Sector.  


Feedback from our Authentic Leadership workshop

"Best ICMA Workshop I’ve attended in years!!!"

"Profound and purposeful."

“Helped me understand the “truths” of the profession are in the long run helping me to be a better manager/leader."

"Good to know I’m not the only leader who has challenges; It will help me cater more to my strengths."

"This presentation has inspired me to continue to be an authentic leader and press on to enhance my role as a public servant."

"Spirited! Provocative!  Inspiring!  This is Craig Rapp!  Best ICMA Workshop I’ve attended in years!!!"


 Program Details


This is a 1-1/2-day intensive program and includes a follow-up group session with the facilitator 30 days later to reinforce and help sustain your efforts.


1-1/2 day program, plus follow-up group session with facilitator


Day 1: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Day 2: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


 800.00 per person (ICMA Member/Nonmember)



January 12-13, 2012
Host: City of Carrollton, TX
Crosby Recreation Center
1610 E. Crosby Road
Carrollton, TX 75006

Register here for January 2012 Session in Carrollton, TX
January 12-13, 2012



Meet the Instructor:


Instructor Craig R. Rapp, ICMA-CM

Craig R. Rapp, ICMA-CM, is a Senior Consultant with the Authentic Leadership Institute, and President, Craig Rapp, LLC Chicago, IL. Craig has worked for over thirty years as a senior executive in both the public and private sectors, formerly holding the positions of City Manager in three cities, senior director at a regional council, and Director of Consulting for ICMA.

Craig focuses on assisting individuals and organizations to "connect the purpose and the possibilities". He has extensive experience as a facilitator, trainer and consultant, working with organizations of all sizes on leadership training, community engagement and complex organizational improvement efforts.

Conducting workshops throughout the United States, Craig addresses such diverse topics as: dealing with difficult political environments, authentic leadership, performance excellence and living your true purpose. Craig holds an ICMA Credentialed Manager designation, has completed the Senior Executive Institute, and has a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies. 



Contact: Lindsay Earnest at for more information.

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