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Save the Date: BIG Ideas 2018 will be held in Austin, TX from October 26-28. Each BIG Ideas meeting addresses a different topic. Stay tuned for more information about the next BIG Ideas.

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Request for Proposals to host BIG Ideas 2018 were due March 5.

BIG Ideas 2017

BIG Ideas 2017 Summary

The Alliance for Innovation hosted the 9th annual BIG Ideas meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina on  October 6-8, 2017. Attendees joined Provocateurs in large and small group conversations to discuss, “The Emerging and Uncertain Role of Local Governments in Social Minefields.” Roughly 100 leaders from across North America will join together and think through the question, "What should guide local government as it treads upon disputed social territory?"

  • How much authority does and should local government have in these issues?
  • What should guide local government administrators: their personal core values, or the majority values in their communities, or minority values in their communities, or the values of their elected body?
  • How should local government act in these issues? Do they choose regulation, educate/legislate/advocacy? Or, is the best path to take a support role to other community players?
  • Is this an issue that local government ought to be able to act on behalf of their community, or should the state act on it?
  • What are the places where local governments can be effective?

Hosted by the Alliance for Innovation, BIG Ideas is an invitation-only event that gathers progressive leaders to explore critical issues for the future of communities. The Alliance for Innovation is inspiring innovation to advance communities. As the premier resource for emerging practices in local government, the Alliance is building cultures of innovation and connecting thought leaders in the profession.

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BIG Ideas: The Future of Local Government is generously sponsored by HR Green, SAFEbuilt and Siemens.

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