Workforce of the Future Workshops Coming This Fall

The workforce and workplace of tomorrow will be very different from those of today. Learn ​the ​8-step ​approach ​to ​becoming ​a ​talent-centric ​organization ​and ​translate ​the ​headwinds ​of ​change ​into ​a ​tailwind.

ARTICLE | Jul 7, 2017

Organizations need specific skills and attributes from their leaders, and for that matter, from members at all levels of the workforce. As a result of the rapidly shifting workforce, government organizations — small and large, rural and urban — are experiencing a brain drain that is placing their organizations at a critical juncture: The need for experienced and seasoned employees has never been greater, while those are the very workers who are most likely to be departing in the very near future.

"Organizations that celebrate people’s lives and create fulfilling, memorable employee experiences, will engage people's hearts and imaginations, and be rewarded with immense success."


Upcoming Workforce of the Future Workshops

Join us for this workshop to ​learn ​the ​8-step ​approach ​to ​becoming ​a ​talent-centric ​organization ​and ​translate ​the ​headwinds ​of ​change ​into ​a ​tailwind ​(based ​upon ​the ​“Workforce of Tomorrow” research publication). The Alliance will be hosting these workshops across the country. Currently, four workshops are scheduled:

What should leaders of local government who want to build their 21st-century workforce do? Old models must be discarded in favor of proven approaches to create the Workforce of Tomorrow including realizing it’s not the sole responsibility of the Human Resources Department, but instead the entire organization. 

This workshop will include progressive and practical strategies and tools to attract, retain, and optimize talent. Attendees will walk away with a plan for next steps to move their organization forward!

Don't see a workshop in your area? Host a workshop in your city. To explore scheduling a workshop in your city, please contact your regional director. 

About The Speaker

Patrick Ibarra of the Mejorando Group, one of the leading experts on creating and implementing effective and Talent Management and Succession Planning programs for local governments, will lead this interactive workshop. Patrick Ibarra focuses on developing workplace cultures like that of Innovation Award winner City of Ontario, California, whose workplace culture results in increase recruitment and retention to talented employees.

In his most recent Governing article, "Curating a Health Workplace Culture in Government," Patrick notes, "It's practically impossible to name even a single highly successful organization, one that is a recognized leader in its field of endeavor, that does not have a distinctive, readily identifiable organizational culture." Attend one of these upcoming workshops to learn how Patrick Ibarra can change your workplace culture and help you attract the workforce of the future.

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