Phoenix, AZ Adopts Green Construction Code

ARTICLE | Jul 8, 2011

The Phoenix Green Construction Code took effect July 1.   Phoenix is one of the first cities in the nation to adopt a comprehensive code that takes a “whole project” approach to promoting safe and sustainable construction.

“The speed at which this code was created by staff and unanimously adopted by my colleagues is just one more example of Phoenix’s commitment to becoming the greenest city in the nation,” said Mayor Phil Gordon.

“This is a voluntary code and will allow Phoenix developers to build to a certifiable green standard without the costly fees associated with third-party programs,” said Cindy Stotler, assistant director of the Planning and Development Department.

Highlights of the new code include: mitigating the heat-island effect with shade trees, vegetative roofs and reflective roof surfaces; 15 percent mandatory reduction of energy use; 20 percent mandatory reduction of indoor water use; two percent of annual electrical use must be provided by solar or other renewable energy sources; diverts 35 percent of construction waste from landfills; boosts indoor air quality; and promotes infill projects.

For more information, visit on the Green code, visit or call 602-262-7811.

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