Performance Analytics Survey Deadline Extended

We're keeping the this survey open to continue adding data to enhance the project. Responses collected prior to April 8 will be shared at the TLG Conference.

ARTICLE | Apr 3, 2017

We would like to thank the 45 member organizations who have already taken the time to complete the performance analytics survey for at least one of their departments.

The survey will remain open to continue gathering data useful to expansion of the project and to result in a better understanding of how local governments are using performance metrics. We've heard from organizations like the City of Boulder and City of Las Vegas, but we still need your information to get a good representation of both cities large and small.

Have You Had a Chance to Complete the Survey?

If not, we still need your help. If you have not already sone so, please identify one staff member in each of following four specific departments to complete the survey: 

You can choose what staff member it is – the director, the budget analyst, whomever might be closest to their performance metrics. Pass on the survey to them and ask them to respond. Please keep in mind that we want to receive four responses per community – one from each of the departments listed above. 

Don't forget these fabulous benefits to taking the survey!

  1. First, we will share the results of the survey with you and you will be able to compare what you are doing with the other Alliance members.
  2. Then we will give you the opportunity to compare yourself against other communities like yourself – population, region, etc.
  3. Once you’ve taken the survey, you will be directed to a crowdsourcing site where you can engage further in a thoughtful conversation with your local government colleagues on critical performance analytic practices, challenges, and opportunities.
  4. The results of this project will be presented at the TLG Conference in Tulsa – April 18-20.

We thank you in advance for being a part of the Alliance for Innovation and helping us help local government explore these leading and emerging practices.

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