A Letter from the President

Karen Thoreson highlights some big changes coming in October of 2017.

ARTICLE | Sep 21, 2017

Hello Alliance for Innovation members and enthusiasts!

We’ve made some BIG changes to share with you this month, some of which you will see in this newsletter. Starting this month, ‘Transformations’ will be a monthly edition highlighting terrific content around emerging practices and cutting-edge innovations. Articles that previously were released in Transformations will still be shared to members-only via Innovations Now throughout the month.

Our website, transformgov.org, will receive a huge upgrade this October. Besides the new layout, our site will allow for greater navigation and topical search to help you better connect ideas! 

From big changes to BIG Ideas, our 2017 meeting is set to kick off Friday, October 6! The topic at hand–From Autonomy to Preemption; What should guide local government as it treads upon disputed social territory? And how much authority does and should local government have in these issues? If you can’t make the meeting, we would love to hear what you have to say. After the meeting, visit the new website’s Ask and Answer section to share your thoughts. We will also be providing a full recap in the weeks following the meeting so stay tuned for that!

There are some other knockout events planned in the coming months including Effective Communication for Leadership with our Partner Slate Communications. This session was built around what we are hearing from you, the members!

Finally, I would like to welcome our newest members Sacramento Area Council of Governments, East Point, Georgia, and Dubuque, Iowa. Each new member organization brings new ideas strengthening our association of innovative local governments. 

Happy innovating,


Karen Thoreson

Alliance for Innovation President


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