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ARTICLE | Mar 17, 2015

The Alliance for Innovation is a community of local governments inspiring innovation to advance communities.  We do this by striving to be the premier resource for emerging practices in local government, building cultures of innovation, and connecting thought-leaders.  But who are the emerging leaders in the member organizations that help us grow engagement, share ideas, and champion innovation?  They are the ambassadors.  I like to describe the ambassadors as the fuel that makes the Alliance work.

Below are the key reasons the ambassadors are so important to making the Alliance work.


The most important role for the ambassadors is to help grow engagement.  While your regional director can introduce staff to the Alliance and the tools and benefits of membership, we rely on the ambassadors to champion the message and build awareness of the Alliance’s message.

Share New Ideas: 

The Alliance only works if local governments share ideas with us.  Since the regional directors are only three staff members, we rely on the ambassadors to be our eyes and hears about what is happening in local government so we can share your ideas with the larger Alliance community. 

Building Cultures of Innovation: 

While the City Manager and traditional leadership of the organization are vital to building an innovative culture, the ambassadors serve as an informal group of emerging leaders from all different parts of local government championing innovation. The Alliance doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach to innovation.  Instead we believe in connecting the emerging leaders throughout the Alliance to share and discuss strategies to promote more innovation in local government. 

Why become an ambassador?

The Ambassador program is an opportunity to become a leader in bringing change to local government. It’s also a professional development opportunity to connect to emerging leaders across the country from various disciplines all interested in local government innovation. Whether you’re building your innovative skillset through the Ambassador Update or attending a live Ambassador Forum idea-exchange, you build skills and connections that will act as a foundation for your career in local government.

Here is what current ambassadors are saying about the program:

“The Ambassador program has made it possible for me to meet others in my position nationwide and hear about how they are fostering the innovation conversation successfully.  This has put us light years ahead of where we would be without having that network of colleagues to share their experiences and lessons learned” Kim Bradford, Goodyear, AZ

“Participating in the Ambassador’s program has been like having mini TLG conferences all year round” Matthew Vanderhorst, Montgomery, OH

“These are excellent opportunities to share ideas and collaborate. I also really like when cities bring employees from various departments” Pam Dmytrenko, Richfield, MN

“The ambassador program is a tremendous opportunity for staff to engage with other ambassadors from across the country in innovative discussions and idea collaboration from the convenience of their own office or in person” Ed Foley, Olathe, KS

The Alliance for Innovation Ambassador Program continues to be a valuable resource for building and promoting an innovative culture throughout our organization. Not only has the Ambassador Program been able to improve idea sharing internally throughout our organization, but has provided easy access and communication with other municipalities who are always  looking for new ideas on how to improve the quality of life in their community” Jenna Hurley, Mason, OH 

Don’t wait!  Become a leader in champion innovation in local government!  Contact your regional director to join today! 

FAQ about the Ambassadors

1.     How many ambassadors should we have?

It depends.  There are no limitations on the amount of ambassadors you can have.  Depending on how large your organization is and/or how difficult it is to engage the entire organization, you may need more ambassadors.  The more ambassadors you have the more organizational engagement you’ll see no matter your context.

 2.     How do we identify ambassadors?

Ambassadors are already your emerging leaders.  They can be in any department at any role in the organization.  The Ambassador program is about empowering them to take a leadership role in the organization to help build a more innovative culture.

3.     How do we recruit ambassadors?

Outside of asking your staff, a great way to recruit ambassadors is having your regional director do a presentation about the program.  Another way is to invite potential ambassadors to a networking event with other ambassadors so they understand more what the program is about.

4.     What time commitment does being an ambassador require?

The Ambassador Program benefit is based on what you put into it.  What we ask all ambassadors to do is help us identify the emerging ideas in the organization and grow engagement by signing up accounts in their departments. 



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