Is the future scary, or full of possibility?

Sign up for Rebecca Ryan's Futurist Camp to find out.

ARTICLE | Jun 8, 2017

Yes. It Just Depends How You Approach It.

Futurist Camp, a training from Rebecca Ryan, Resident Futurist at the Alliance for Innovation, helps you learn how to build a bright future for your community, instead of a scary one. Rebecca teaches Campers the art of strategic foresight. Foresight takes a long look into the future and asks, “What’s our future likely to be and what do we need to do today to be ready for it?”. It plans towards the future, not the past. Most importantly, foresight helps cities think more innovatively and discover opportunities for our future.

How does your city need to change to be relevant to the future? Bring your hairiest city issue and work it out at camp.

Sign up for one of two sessions. These are the only Futurist Camps that will be offered this year- don’t miss this opportunity!

Futurist Camp: Aug 14-17 at Camp Wandwawega, WI

Step away from your screens, for you will find no wifi here. This restored vintage summer camp has charm coming out the ears, ax throwing contests, a big blue lake, incredible food, and our Futurist Curriculum. Learn more here:

Decatur Camp: Sept 25-28 in Decatur, GA

Afraid of raccoons? Excited by the pulse and electricity of urban life? Our second Camp is hosted in Decatur, GA from September 25-28. Weaving the Futurist Curriculum with the eclectic businesses, parks, and other public sites of Decatur, this new urban version of Camp comes with a heady dollop of southern hospitality. All the details can be found here:

Futurist Camp alums hail from Decatur GA, Tacoma WA, Omaha NE, Charleston WV, Dallas TX and Madison, WI.  

Join them - sign up for camp today!


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