Deadline Extended: Submit Your Case Study for TLG by September 15

ARTICLE | Jul 25, 2017

Be a Conversation Starter to Inspire Innovation in Local Government!

UPDATE: Deadline Extended to September 15, 2017

Download and fill out a case study application and show off the innovations in your organization!

The Transforming Local Government Conference (TLG) is the annual gathering place for local government professionals seeking innovative ways to connect people and ideas that support their efforts to be the best communities. TLG is all about meeting up with old friends and making new friends around presentations on dynamic content that encourages freethinking and fosters unprecedented ideas, all within a relaxed and professional networking and learning environment.

We want YOU to be one of those conversation starters at the 24th Transforming Local Government Conference taking place April 3-6, 2018 in Tacoma, WA! 

TLG is your platform to highlight your organization’s innovations and help others learn from your experiences. That's why we ask you to share your story with us! And the stories don’t have to be all pretty and harmonious, situations where everything fell into place by happenstance—the reality is that failure is often a part, or key, to the innovation process. Creating great cities and counties can be messy. We are a community that grows stronger by sharing stories across city, county, state and country lines. What we do expect is that the stories we share are told in an entertaining and engaging format. This is TLG after all!

What are we looking for in a TLG case study, you say?

The Alliance for Innovation defines Innovation as a changed process, approach, product or service that is new to you or your organization and produces better results that are valued. Innovation is most powerful when it is adopted by others.

Innovation, at its core, is about making things better in ways that are useful and valuable to people. It is about changing our services, our processes, our tools or our products to add value that matters to the people that use them. It is about discovering challenges or opportunities, designing possible enhancements, testing and selecting the best ones, and then using our ideas, our skills, our talents, our data, and our relationships to serve ever better.

We want to hear about your innovations—whether they are big, small, incremental or disruptive, it is about something new. It demands we take risks and leave behind some big or small part of what WAS, in favor of what MIGHT BE.

Case Study 2018 Applications

Applications are being accepted through September 1.  The selection committee is looking for your stories of success’ (and failure) on programs, projects, services, and initiatives demonstrating creative and innovative practices relative to the below categories:

  1. Thinking Like a Futurist: What steps are you taking to become a resilient community?  Can you showcase sustainability efforts that focus on environmental, economic and social justice factors? Is your organization thinking 20 to 50 years from now?  
  2. Reinventing Local Government:  In what ways has your organization adopted a new and systematic mindset for delivering services?  How are you using performance management and metrics to improve the organization? How are you maximizing opportunities to become a smart city? Are you investing in your future workforce?
  3. Culture Club: How does your organization create an environment to allow for innovation to occur? How did you get started down that path, how do you keep the innovation flame burning? Have you created an ecosystem for new ideas and addressing challenges?
  4. Community Networking:  What partnerships and collaborations are in place that strengthened your community and increased efficiency in your government operations? 
  5. What About All This Data? –  How have you utilized both technology and communication strategies around big data and open data, for example dashboards or community engagement among other sources? 

Conference Background:    

TLG will attract over 600 local government professionals at every level in the organization across the US and Canada that are deliberately seeking new and innovative ways to connect people, information, and ideas that support their efforts to be the best communities to live, grow, work, play and prosper. TLG is recognized for its dynamic content that encourages freethinking and fosters unprecedented ideas, all within a relaxed and professional networking and learning environment.


  1. Limit two case study applications per local government.
  2. Case studies should have been implemented in the last two years.
  3. All applications will be read and reviewed by Selection Committee Members. The top applications are scheduled for an interview. (Be prepared to show a sample of your presentation at the interview!) Committee members, using the same evaluation system, weigh and score each application at the conclusion of the oral interview. The top applications are then forwarded to the Final Selection Committee for further review and final selection.
  4. Case studies will be evaluated and scored as follows:
Category Percentage of Total Score
Innovation 20%
Application Assembly and Presentation 20%
Significance and Applicable Results 20%
Effectiveness 20%
Collaboration 20%

5. Selection Committee members are a combination of:

    • Alliance for Innovation Board Members (City/County Managers)
    • Alliance for Innovation Staff
    • Host Community Representatives
    • Alliance for Innovation Ambassadors
    • Chief Innovation Officers


Complete the application form and then email to by September 15, 2017.

All local governments are welcome to submit a case study application; you do not need to be an Alliance for Innovation member.  However, we do request an opportunity to meet with your organization to share the value and benefits of membership prior to the conference. Please suggest a couple meeting dates and times on the application to meet with a Regional Director.

NOTE: Local government organizations that are selected as case study presenters and/or awardees of an Alliance for Innovation Award are responsible for all associated costs, such as:

  1. Registration fees for each person at the conference
  2. All travel expenses including, but not limited to, air travel, hotel, car rental and other associated travel expenses
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