Alliance Looking at “Next Big Things” Facing Local Government

ARTICLE | Feb 18, 2015

What are the “Next Big Things” facing local governments in the next 20-50 years? The Alliance for Innovation has partnered with Rebecca Ryan and Next Generation Consulting to dive deeper into this question. Using the process of strategic foresight, the Alliance’s current, interdisciplinary network of thought leaders and practitioners will collaborate over the next six months on the “Next Big Things.”

A Delphi study is underway with over 26 subject matter experts building a point of view about the future of local government, what issues it will face and how it will face them. Simultaneously a literature review is looking at the forces and trends likely to impact local governments. During the Transforming Local Government Conference in April, thought leaders will convene to develop plausible community forecast based on the information identified during the Delphi study and literature review.

The “Next Big Things” will be released in Summer 2015.

Alliance President Karen Thoreson, speaking about the "Next Big Things," says, “I am so excited about this project! If you could predict the future – what would you do today to prepare for it? We all know that there is not a crystal ball to give us certainty, but there are techniques to help us understand possibilities and alternative scenarios for addressing both opportunities and adversities. That is the goal of our "Next Big Things"project.”

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