Knowledge Network Features

The Knowledge Network features many ways to access a wealth of local government resources and connect with fellow professionals.

  • Locate information quickly- Access a rich document library with continuously updated content including research, articles, case studies, white papers, sample local government document, requests for proposals and best practices.  The document library is organized in close to 200 topics, making it easy for users to quickly find information.  
  • Post questions to your peers (even anonymously if you wish) and answer questions posted by others. 
  • Rate questions and answers and assist others in identifying the strongest submissions.
  • Create or join a group.  Small work groups may also setup private or closed groups and use the group functionality to collaborate on specific projects. 
  • Become a topic expert and actively contribute to the body of knowledge by developing ongoing wiki documentation or post an engaging blog
  • Build a personal network.  Outside of groups and the question and answers environment, a participant may use their trusted personal network to seek more private, one on one advice. 
  • Build and manage your personal profile.  Your profile will be the mechanism enabling others to identify individuals with similar backgrounds or geographic locations.  Profile management will also allow participants to select topic areas of interest and how they will be notified of new content submissions or answers to recent questions. 

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