About the Mobile Site/Feedback

Our new mobile site is a work in progress. For this release, we're focusing on a responsive design that allows the widest range of mobile users access to the most heavily visited elements of the site.

Here are some of the things we've created:

  • Mobile versions of many of the pages on our website, including the GovNewsontheGo, events, and job ads that we link to from the newsletters you may already be reading on your mobile device.
  • A mobile landing page for transformgov.org that focuses on the latest news and events. A mobile landing page for our Knowledge Network, highlighting the most recent blog posts.
  • Mobile-optimized versions of the Knowledge Network's blogs and wikis.
  • A simplified, mobile-friendly navigation menu for exploring our site and the Knowledge Network.
  • A mobile-optimized version of our popular Who's Who People Search and profile system.

Additional features will be activated in subsequent releases.

Check out the Mobile Site FAQ to find the answers to commonly asked questions or send us your feedback using our online survey.

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