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"the alliance for innovation offers a unique slice of learning for local government in comparison to other learning providers. often based on and presented by local government practitioners, alliance learning opportunities are grounded in relevant and pragmatic concepts fashioned to spark new levels of innovation from participants. there isn't a better place to obtain new insights and ideas for local governments."

-Kevin w. bruny, sphr, chief learning officer and university dean, center for organizational excellence, chesterfield county, virginia

Learning New Ways to Think and Interact

Peter Senge in The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization writes on the idea that organizations undergo radical change when people within them learn new ways to think and interact. Learning organizations are on a continuous journey, always looking to expand their capacity to create the future. 

The Alliance for Innovation serves your organization throughout its transformational journey by providing you with cutting edge, pragmatic and relevant learning opportunities

Through our community of practice, organizations have access to the tools necessary to observe, learn and apply innovations.  The Alliance can assist you in making an impact deep within your organization to improve your capacity to deliver superior service to your community.

delivery methods

Whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner the Alliance provides learning experiences to fit your learning needs:


  • Unprecedented Ideas
  • Professional Networking
  • Team Building Opportunities


  • In-Depth Content
  • Practical Applications


  • Timely Hot Topics
  • Continued Dialogue

member virtual forums

  • Thought Provoking Content
  • Dynamic Discussions

Regional Face-to-Face Forums

  • Freethinking
  • Collaboration

ambassador program & nextEra

  • Build Your Innovation Skills
  • Connect with Your Peers

ondemand Videos, classes & toolkits

  • Catch the Sessions and Content Anytime, Anywhere
  • Launch Your Own Programs Using Our Tools