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Social Services Coordinator
20 E. 6th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281
City of Tempe, AZ

Contract Specialist
211 W. Aspen Avenue
City of Flagstaff, AZ
2 September 2016

Human Resources Specialist - Recruiter
20 E. 6th Street, Tempe, AZ
City of Tempe, AZ

Manager of Communications and Public Information
101 Church St , Kissimmee, FL
City of Kissimmee, FL

Human Resources Director
150 E Main Street, Hillsboro, Oregon, 97123
City of Hillsboro, OR
2 September 2016

County Administrative Officer
1160 Civic Center Blvd., Suite A, Yuba City, CA 95993
County of Sutter, CA

Public Information Officer
20 E. 6th Street, Tempe, Az 85281
City of Tempe, AZ

ICMA Ethics Advisor
777 N Capitol St NE Suite 500, Washington, DC 20002
ICMA; Washington, DC

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