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Community Services Director
PO Box 4008, Mail Stop 605 , Chandler, AZ
City of Chandler, AZ
13 May 2016

Assistant Aquatics Operations Manager
PO Box 911 , Charlottesville, VA
City of Charlottesville, VA
2 May 2016

Director of Parks & Recreation
City of Greenville, SC

Director of Parks and Recreation
118 S Main St , Fairfield, IA
City of Fairfield, IA

Park Planning & Development Division Chief

Maryland National Park & Planning Commission; Riverdale, MD

Director of Parks and Recreation
305 South Dogwood Drive , Harrisonburg, VA
City of Harrisonburg, VA

Recreation Assistant for Summer Day Camp & Therapeutic Rec. Ctr.
433 Hay St , Fayetteville, NC
City of Fayetteville, NC
30 June 2016

Community Services Director
119 Fox St , Lemoore, CA
City of Lemoore, CA

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