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Use it or lose it leave policies

James Milanese

Trying to fix an issue at a mid-sized municipality. We allow full time employees to carry up to 400 hours of vacation time; all time above 400 hours at the end of the calendar year is surrendered. Time is earned in tiers (4hrs per pay period up to 5 years, 6 hrs per pay period up to 10 years, 8 hrs per pay period over 10 years service) and at the end of every year, veteran employees are forced into a use it or lose it dilemma. We often see staff start taking off every Monday or Friday in October to burn leave. This creates logistical and morale issues. What policies do other cities use to lessen this?


Alison Matthees

Have you considered a vacation sell back policy?
AFI member Coconino County, AZ implemented as a temporary program in 2012, but it was so popular they implemented the program permanently. They allow employees to "sell back" a portion of accrued vacation leave to the County (under certain conditions).


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