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Community Visioning process - looking for a facilitator

Michael Land
Michael Land asked

The Coppell City Council is about to embark on its next generation of community visioning. The City's 2030 Vision plan was last updated in 2008. To date the City Council has invested over $80 million in fulling our current plan's strategies, goals and objectives. They are now preparing to start a new process for their 20Next plan. I am looking for some leads on possible facilitators in that process and if I can get a copy of either the RFQ used to select the facilitator and/or the actual contract used to engage him/her/the firm.

Thank you.

Mike Land


Mark Abeles-Allison

Rebecca Ryan, Futurist, has spoken at several of our County Association meetings. Might be good for your planning.

Mike Cohen
Mike Cohen said

Peak Democracy Inc can help facilitate Coppell's 20Next visioning plan. We have worked on over 70 visioning plans for cities, such as: Tulsa OK, Kalamazoo MI, Norfolk VA, and Hillsboro OR.

The company's Open Town Hall online civic engagement platform is a great way to reach-out to your community for ideas and feedback on your city's plan.

Stephen Daly

Mike ...
Your regional planning agency, or the one serving greater Dallas, will be trained in visioning and strategic planning and also familiar with your community and its surroundings. Reach out to them. They will be a much more economical option.

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