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Encouraging no Net Loss Tree Canopy

Michael Sable

Hennepin County is looking for strategies governments have put into place around tree canopies to improve air quality and heat mitigation around global warming. What ordinances have been used? What policies have been implemented? All help is appreciated!


Mark Abeles-Allison

Main focus area for many cities is tree planting. Obvious areas include Tree City / Tree County through Arbor Day. In Wisconsin we have County Forests, are there available county lands that can be planted with trees. Street trees are very popular, partial assistance may increase plantings.

Toni Shope
Toni Shope said

Hi Mike - here are a couple of resources that might be helpful:

- Their map on their home page highlights the cities that are members of the network. Each one may be a good start for looking at how each addressed policies and ultimately ordinances to offset the coming impacts.

Another article that might be of interest:

Courtney Hayden

State College participated in an Urban Tree Canopy Assessment that was really eye opening. We were lucky to have the support of the Chesapeake Bay Program: ..
You can find a list of cities that have done a UTC assessment here:
https://www.nrs.fs.f ..
The person that did our UTC now works for Plan-IT Geo which has a Canopy Planner product http://www.planitgeo..
They encouraged us to set a specific goal to increase canopy by a certain percentage, but it's difficult to do that if you haven't spent the money on a product like Plan-IT Geo. If you do not have the capacity to do a UTC to check the results, there are plenty of prescriptive requirements you could put in place for new development.

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