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Fire Boating Funding Sources

Matthew Williams

The City of Fort Lauderdale is exploring alternative methods of funding their fire boat operations. How do you fund your fire boat?

EDIT: I've updated this question to include more detailed sub-questions we're asking as part of this process:

If your agency currently deploys a Fire Boat for Emergency Services:
(1) How is it staffed and with how many FF’s (Rank etc.)?
(2) Is it staffed Full Time with dedicated personnel?
(3) How many annual calls does your Fire Boat respond to?
(4) How is it funded?
--General Fund
--Special Assessment Fee
--Dedicated Revenue Offset
-- Other


Sherie Sanders

Hi Matthew, here is a blog post that talks about the Fed Excess Personal Property and FF Property Programs http://blog.ecivis.c..
In addition, this second post has a few foundation grants for first responders. If you look to the right of the posts on the blog itself, there are 21 fire department related articles including alternate funding strategies. http://blog.ecivis.c..

Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams

Thanks Sherie for the links, I've only briefly browsed through what you sent so far but I'll take a closer look here later.

So I should have made this more clear in the initial question, but we already have the boat itself and it was actually funded, in part, through a grant. We're looking now to think of alternative ways to fund the operations/staffing of the boat. Most cities use some type of mechanism with the port (e.g. tonnage based or something along those lines) but we're looking into alternatives to that right now.

Sherie Sanders

Oh, and some local governments are exploring crowd funding: http://blog.ecivis.c..

Richard Brown

Are you able to expand the categories that the fire service assessment fee is levied against. Marinas may not have much value in buildings but the maritime risk exposure is reflected in the boats not buildings. Also is there any way to have port operators assessed for the service.

Mark Abeles-Allison

I would recommend you consider community campaigns too. Fund raisers to assist with particular projects, i.e.: engine overhaul, etc.

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