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Procurement Policy - Purchasing Thresholds

Rebecca Eby
Rebecca Eby asked

Cuyahoga County is currently reviewing its purchasing policy and the associated process to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a function integral to day-to-day county operations.

Right now, the Cuyahoga County Board of Control (a seven member board consisting of the County Executive, Public Works Director, Purchasing Director, CFO, and three members of County Council) reviews purchases and other contracts from $501 through $500,000. County Council reviews purchases and other contracts above $500,000.

What are the current purchasing thresholds of your organization? What is the threshold for purchases that require the approval of an internal board or committee (similar to Cuyahoga County's Board of Control)? What is the threshold that requires approval by your Council, Board of Supervisors, Board of County Commissioners, etc?

Have there been any challenges associated with these thresholds? If your organization has recently increased its purchasing thresholds, have you seen any immediate benefits?


Marcos Nichols


Please see the link below for the City of Hamilton's purchasing thresholds.


Kenneth Decker

We're a fairly small rural County. Anything above $40,000 requires Board approval. The Finance Director and I have purchasing authority up to $40,000. Most department heads can sign for $20,000. While small, these limits were doubled a few years. The vast majority of our transactions are for less than $20k.

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