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MPA Capstone Project on Ethics

Alyssa Dinberg

Hi all, I'm creating a training module on promoting an ethical culture for my MPA Capstone project. I am aware of the paid ethics courses through ICMA but am reaching out to see if you all have come accross any additional resources I could incorporate into the module. I love to include some assessments, case studies and facilitated group activities.

Thanks so much for any help you're able to provide!


Alexa Martin

The State of Louisiana has a mandatory ethics workshop detailed here:
"Public servants and elected officials are required to take one hour of training per calendar year on the Code of Governmental Ethics." This might be an interesting example.
ICMA also offers a lot of materials on ethics, both paid and free.
Hope this helps!

Sandra Fowler

Cedar Rapids, Iowa conducted our second citywide ethics training to our 1,400 employees this year with a one-hour session that followed similar training in 2008. The attached handout shares the internal and external examples we used for the facilitated sessions. The training was well-received by our diverse employee groups.

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