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Compensatory Time for Exempt Employees

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Question for my colleagues in Michigan. Some members of the elected body have latched on to this idea of doing away with compensatory time for exempt employees who work longer than the normal work day. I am hoping to hear how you all have dealt with this issue. I feel as exempt employees that we do occasionally have to go a little beyond the normal "work day/week." But I also feel that compensatory time covers this nicely. I would appreciate any assistance, words of wisdom with this subject.


Kenneth Decker

I don't work in Michigan. Our Maryland county doesn't authorize comp time. Our senior management team often works more than "a little beyond the normal 'work day/week.'"

We're professionals and have the autonomy to flex our schedules. We respect work/life balance. That said, we understand that serving as leaders in local government doesn't fit neatly within a 40-hour/week box, or within 2080 hours/year. Sorry, but this is a point where I agree with your elected officials.

Mark Abeles-Allison

We also do not allow comp time for exempt county employees. We do give exempt employees flexibility in their scheduling.

Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez

I echo the previous comments as well. I serve in a community that allows comp time for exempt employees as in your organization but have served in other communities where the opposite was the case. My preference is to give the scheduling flexibility rather than comp time. For younger generations this too is favorable. But I can understand this would be a shift in philosophy that can be met with a few hurdles along the way if most in your region share the same philosophy.

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