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Diversifying Boards and Commissions

Kristen Ayers

I am looking for some insight into how your community handles the following items pertaining to Boards and Commissions:
-Recruitment process for commissioners/members
-Mechanisms for engaging and recruiting commissioners/members representative of their demographics
-Do you have term limits?
-Any other info pertaining to diversifying the makeup of boards/commissions.



Pamela Davis

My experience with the appeals board I staff is that members, regardless of any distinguishing characteristic, are hard to come by. I usually end up cold-calling professional organizations or employers who have members who would meet the professional requirements of the board.

I certainly understand the need for boards to reflect their community. Some possible avenues for pursuing demographic representation is to seek board members from neighborhood associations, churches, ethnic newspapers, or other groups of local citizens. A possibility for age diversification is to reach out to the local colleges/universities. (Or post on Twitter or Facebook).

The board I staff has four year terms, with a limit of two back-to-back terms. I hope this information is helpful.

Kristen Ayers

Kristen Ayers

Thank you so much for your response!

Mark Abeles-Allison

We have shared Extension presentations with the League of Women Voters to encourage more women to run for public office. We are currently researching how board pay practices / stipend vs. salary and the amount, may impact who runs for office. I would recommend getting suggestions / direction from your board, this could lead to educational efforts, campaigns informing the public what is involved in becoming a board member, etc.

Kristen Ayers

Kristen Ayers

Thank you so much!

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