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Child care for employees

Sarah Alig
Sarah Alig asked

Are there any cities that provide child care services (or full/partial reimbursement) for employees - especially odd-hour employees like police?

Several of our officers have proposed this idea as it is difficult to find childcare services that meet the needs of employees who work night shifts or odd hours. The challenge limits promotional opportunities, especially for women in the department. Wondering if this is something that any cities or counties provide. If so, do you provide the service or do you offer childcare reimbursement? Do you partner with community organizations or hospitals?

What's out there??

Thank you!


Katie Savant

Hi Sarah, I'm not familiar with local governments providing this service, but I am very familiar with the Department of Defense's reimbursement program for military families. Military families often need child care on weekends and outside of traditional hours. I would recommend speaking with Child Care Aware - they partner with several entities to help provide child care services and often administer the reimbursement plans for different organizations. Hope this helps.

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