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Showing Appreciation for City Volunteers

Craig Dudek
Craig Dudek asked

The City of Olathe would like to know how other communities thank their city volunteers. Olathe currently has an annual Volunteer Appreciation Reception featuring an appetizer buffet, music, door prizes, and remarks by the Mayor. The event, however, is in need of a makeover, and we are looking for new ideas. We would love to know how other cities make their volunteers feel valued and special!


Mark Abeles-Allison

Photos and recognition for their volunteer work in the paper / facebook / municipal web site might be options too. Recognition at a city council meeting with a dedicated recognition / reception might work too.. Good luck.

Kenneth Decker

Our County established an "Distinguished Service Award" given to one volunteer every year. The volunteer receives a medal, leads a local parade, and has his/her name engraved on a plaque in the Commissioners' hearing room. We also have an appreciation reception for volunteers serving on our boards and commissions.

Kevin Knutson

For many years, I worked at a city where we combined an annual "State of the City" video with an awards ceremony for volunteers. The nice part was, is that many civic leaders who wouldn't normally attend a volunteer event were there to acknowledge the volunteers. It was a sit-down dinner at a local conference center.

Thomas Miller

Here's a bit of research to support the good ideas coming from the group:

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