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Funds for Tree Replacement

Matthew Timmerberg

Hello, my municipality is currently in the process of replenishing the trees that were recently lost to the Emerald Ash Borer. I was wondering about any nontraditional methods that municipalities have utilized to find funding for new trees, or if there were any particular grants or corporate sponsorship opportunities that have been successful. Our budget was tight this year and we struggled to fund our program as much as we would have liked.

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Mark Abeles-Allison

The Arbor Day grant foundation funds tree planting programs. A cost share program with residents/businesses for replacement trees in front of their properties. Maintenance and warranty of trees is significant portion of new tree cost, you could remove this from the contract and have property owners who really want replacement trees commit to that maintenance themselves, i.e.: fencing, watering, wrapping, staking, etc.

Other ideas might be a community tree fund raising drive. Or you could contact and ask for help from community civic clubs. Let them know that in 2018 the City will be undergoing a major tree planting campaign and that additional funding is needed.

Starting with smaller trees is an option but also a bit of a risk. You could also purchase the trees yourself and plant with city crews.

If you are looking to the future you could start your own nursery of trees starting small and using those as stock in the years ahead.

Hope this gives you a few ideas.

Sherie Sanders

Hi Matthew, here is an article from our blog on the UPS Tree & Recovery Tree Planting Grants, and Keep America Beautiful grants. The deadlines are past for this year, but at least you will know about them. http://blog.ecivis.c.. The Fruit Tree Foundation has a rolling grant if you are open to fruit trees

Sherie Sanders

Sherie Sanders

Finally, here is a general post on crowdfunding for local government http://blog.ecivis.c..

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