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Virtual Internships / Internships for Full Time Workers

James Hernandez

Question 1.
Do virtual internships exist in local government / public administration?

Question 2.
Suggestions on internships / gaining experience while holding a full time job?

I gained valuable experience working in higher education with program management, staff leadership, budgeting, and several other areas. However, reflecting back on my life I would like to return to my original goal of someday becoming a City Administrator. I am seeking advice on the questions above. I am willing to use my vacation / sick time to take time off if necessary, however, how does someone with work experience approach requesting and finding internships? Most of the internships I see are oriented toward current students.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!


James Hernandez, MPA


Rick Aronhalt

Hi, James. One idea would be for you to enroll in an online certificate program like Local Government 101. This program provides practical information on the fundamentals of local government management and earns you an ICMA Professional Certificate in Local Government Management. You may take it on demand around your schedule. Check it out at

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