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Homeless shelter models

Katherine Takai

Our Colorado community is looking for innovative ways to make homeless more rare, short-lived, and non-recurring. Are there any examples of the following?

  • communities/states/cities who have been effective with a policy guaranteeing shelter for all
  • models for emergency shelter other than single-site shelters, e.g. alternative models like Room in the Inn (Nashville, TN) that utilizes networks of faith-based organizations to shelter homeless individuals during the winter

Any suggestions for places to look or folks to talk to would be greatly appreciated!


Tim Wolff
Tim Wolff said

Here in Mt. Pleasant, MI our church is one of several that do a rotating shelter in the winter. It begins in November, and runs until April. The way it is structured here is that our guests meet at a set location that never changes. Our local bus service picks them up from that location and then takes them to the church hosting that week. Guests arrive, dinner is provided, and so on. There is a set time for lights out, policies in place for securing medicine and valuables, and guest interaction. They leave in the morning, and the process starts anew. If you want to know, please feel free to contact me.

Alan Rosen
Alan Rosen said

City of Daytona Beach. They have obtained a lot of money for housing homeless in hotels and working with the local Salvation Army. We (Port Orange) have a church that has a homeless shelter for cold weather (which as you can imagine doesn't happen very often). However, we're also working on an agreement with the Salvation Army for what they call a "Bridge Bed" program. It's a program that integrates a number of different services for people in their program so that they can become self-sufficient. I don't have the agreement in place yet, but check back in a couple of months. We were working with them and Daytona on a pilot project and apparently it was relatively successful in getting people back on their feet. Funding for emergency shelters is dwindling because it has not been proven to help the problem, only the symptoms. Other cities I've researched in the past include Colorado Springs, CO; Reno, NV (HELP program); San Francisco, CA; Las Cruces, NM.

Katherine Takai

Katherine Takai

That is awesome, Alan. Thanks so much for your reply! I'll follow Port Orange. I am doing some research for the city of Fort Collins, CO to explore their options for solutions to homelessness.

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