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Bulk Waste Removal

Mitchell Schnaible

My name is Mitchell Schnaible. I am currently doing an internship in the city manager's office of Delaware, Ohio. I am looking at different methods of bulk trash removal for cities that do not contract waste removal services. Delaware operates its own refuse and waste removal service but has no plan in place for the removal of bulk waste. The tentative plan we are analyzing is to charge a flat rate of $25 dollars for 3 bulk trash items (furniture, appliances) and 10$ for every additional piece of bulk trash. Will this be enough to offset the cost of removal?, or does the city need to be looking at possibly charging more for items? or scaling the cost of items based on their size and how easily they can be disposed of? I am also open to suggestions about other methods that have worked


Mark Abeles-Allison

The City I live in, Washburn Wisconsin, just had a bulk drop off day. As oppose to curbside pickup they occupy a large dirt lot. They bring in 10 or so massive dumpsters with the back doors off. Together with lots of staff and city councilors they direct the line of traffic to the different dumpsters. Residents unload themselves / staff help as needed. A backhoe is present to rearrange and better compress the dumpsters. One dumpster is available for good recycling metals, the rest is trash of all sorts with some limitations. The event started at 7am. We arrived at seven an joined a line 3 blocks long, we arrived at the drop off spot by 745, done by 8.

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