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Safety Awareness Campaigns

Kevin Catlin
Kevin Catlin asked

Are there any cities out there that have come up with some innovative ways to encourage employee safety and increase awareness campaigns? Our City (Brookings, SD) is trying to come up with new ways to train employees to decrease the number of accidents and trips, slips, and falls. Any help is appreciated!


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Paul Shew
Paul Shew said

Hello Kevin, and congratulations on your position in Brookings. Over a long period of time, we have attempted many things to reduce injury and improve safety: not just for our employees but for residents as well. (eg. safety impacts everyone). While there are any things you will hear from others, they probably all share at least one component. They need to contain some level of fun to be sustainable.

From a financial perspective, injury is very expensive. So there is wisdom in spending money to save money. If you can lower your modification rate even by a fraction, the savings can be substantial. And that does not consider the savings from loss of time, equipment, etc.

In one city our highway department came up with an idea of having an annual 'Highway Rodeo'. The event was one that included other towns; and it pitted the departments in a competition of driving; operating heavy equipment; digging ditches; all the things that a city or town performs.

The winner of this competition were the ones that could perform the most efficient task while doing so displaying the greatest safety practices. We found that our insurance companies were willing to help in sponsorship and judging.

This is a small example of making safety fun. Perhaps it is useful to you and your community. Good luck!

Kevin Catlin

Kevin Catlin

Thanks for sharing, Paul. That's an interesting way to increase safety. I'll see what we can come up with!

Mark Abeles-Allison

Education. Safety promotion via presentations. Signs. Etc.

Kevin Catlin

Kevin Catlin

Thank you, Mark. We are in process of creating some safety campaigns that will include signage, presentation, etc.

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