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Sister Cities - Best Practices

Tom Crawford
Tom Crawford asked

My community has several sister cities. The European cities apparently receive funding to support sister city efforts, whereas here the administration of sister cities must compete against all other priorities for resources. I'm curious if there are some best practices for how to administer a US sister city program. For example, are there specific goals for the program, is the City or some other entity the lead on organizing activities, is it volunteer based or tax funded, etc.?


Pamela Davis

I LOVE finding best practices - and have found that they are regrettably difficult to find. I wish you well in your search. I have come across this article, http://cities-today..., that references several different resources that you may want to check out.

You may also want to contact the City of Dallas. They seem to run a pretty tight ship, and I suspect they would have some pretty good Sister City practices that you might find helpful. Good luck in your search!

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