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Housing the Homeless

Alan Rosen
Alan Rosen asked

It is my understanding that if a city has an ordinance related to homelessness and the City would like to enforce those laws (i.e., kick someone off the street or out of a park for being homeless) that it needs to provide a resource (i.e., place to go) for that person or the city cannot enforce its laws.

Does anyone have examples of how they deal with this problem (i.e., what resources do you have to send people? Homeless shelters, public-private partnerships, public-non-profit partnerships, etc.)?

Examples appreciated, especially in Florida.


Maxx Balgemann


Jared Stalling has a question similar to yours. Here is the information I shared on his posting: I found this article that might be of interest: http://www.nytimes.c..

Here is another recent article dated Dec. 6, 2015: http://www.lcsun-new..

I'm not involved in this area, so I am sharing information that I am aware of, as the homelessness of individuals used to be a larger problem at a park adjacent to City Hall. I believe civic-groups and law enforcement eventually got everyone to move to Tent City.

Alan Rosen

Alan Rosen

Thanks. I've already downloaded those articles, but they are interesting. However, I don't know that it will be an option our council is willing to consider.

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