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Bulk Waste Pick Up & Bed Bug Issues

Monica Jones
Monica Jones asked

The City of Dayton has a bulk waste pick up rotation as part of its regular waste collection services to citizens. Recently we've been hearing feedback from employees that mattresses are increasingly the items they're being called to pick up and with a growing frequency, these mattresses are contaminated with bed bugs. Are other municipalities facing this, and what are you doing to address the issue and keep your employees safe? Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!


Kristen Ayers

Hi Monica!
This is a policy from the Town of Gorham regarding bed-bug infested mattresses, and the penalties given if citizens violate the policy:
The following excerpt is from the City of Mesa’s website regarding bulk waste pickup:
With the increase in bed bug activity, all customers will be asked if any of their items have come in contact with bed bugs. There are no additional charges for handling these items. However, we will require that residents please follow the measures below to make our crew aware of the safety hazard:
• On a sheet of paper, conspicuously write "BB" so the message can be easily seen by our collection crew. This will ensure their safety when handling these items.
• Using strong tape, attach the paper to EACH ITEM containing bed bugs.

Hope this helps in your search!

Kristen Ayers
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Denise Breder

We do not take bed-bug infested mattresses and items.

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