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Workers comp for volunteer interns?

Douglas Shontz

I have a question for you all – a university is supplying student volunteers to various city departments. In this example, the city has them sign a waiver, but the university is now pushing for workers comp coverage instead. Do any of you have any samples or examples of internship policies that cover insurance issues for volunteers? Thank you!


Doreen Kemp

The City of Fort Collins partners with many colleges and universities to provide paid and unpaid internships to students. All volunteers are given a copy of the following document: and it is available online at our volunteer webpage It states that volunteers are not covered by Workers Comp. In addition, a copy of the Insurance Coverage is provided here: Paid interns are covered by Workers Comp.

In addition, the City Attorney’s Office requires that unpaid internship opportunities have a contract with the university outlining liability, background checks, and other policies. Each City Department writes a separate agreement with each University Department. There is an effort to create blanket agreement between the City as a whole and each University as a whole, but I have nothing to report on yet.

Please keep us updated on your story!

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Douglas Shontz

Douglas Shontz

Thank you very much! This information is really helpful.

Jill Silverboard

The City of Clearwater, Florida does provide coverage for volunteers, with our liability waiver form providing the following language:

Volunteer Liability Form:

Volunteers are eligible for Worker’s Compensation as provided by law. In case of an accident, please notify the Volunteer Coordinator or a City Employee immediately. The City of Clearwater is self-insured for Worker’s Compensation. The contact in case of injury is the City of Clearwater Risk Management Division, which is located at 100 Myrtle Ave. S., Clearwater, FL 33758 (727) 562-4652. You may receive medical care for an injury sustained while performing volunteer duties for the City, but only from an authorized medical provider. Risk Management Division personnel will direct you to an authorized medical provider. Tell the provider that you are seeking treatment under the Florida Worker’s Compensation Act.

Douglas Shontz

Douglas Shontz

Thank you, I will forward this information along!

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