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Cost of Services

William Shanahan

Does anyone out there have a formula/program that shows the cost of services versus the revenue brought in by a new development. (Homes and/or industrial.)

Have a very high growth rate and I believe this information will enable us to make the correct decisions.


Chris Fabian

Hello William-

My name is Chris Fabian, Co-Founder of the Center for Priority Based Budgeting (CPBB). We are proud to be an ICMA partner and our work in priority based budgeting has been designated an ICMA leading practice.

We've also developed a unique platform in program inventory and program costing. Our web-based platform identifies the true cost of service delivery, identifies revenues in comparison to the cost of each service, and provides comprehensive analytics that breaks down data so you (and other municipal leaders) can obtain the tools to make "the correct decisions." See our recent blog post http://fiscalhealtha.. that dives deeper into our program costing tool and provides a video overview.

Please feel free to contact me directly at if you'd like more information or a 1-on-1 webinar demonstration on the tool.

Thanks William.

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