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Customer Service for Elected Officials

Cory Fleming
Cory Fleming asked

My colleague and I are working on trying to find a customer service module for our SCALE organization. SCALE is the Scott County Association for Leadership and Efficiency. We were intrigued by your web site that displayed potential customer service training opportunities.

We have held education modules (for our elected officials) for the past 6 years on transportation, land use and transportation, sustainable development and job creation. We have spent the last year with the 7 cities’ staff and county staff working on customer service for our developers, builders and residents in these areas. We had some work done by the Carlson School of Business at the U of Minnesota and have worked on process mapping (identifying best practices) and then a RACI matrix to help with roles and responsibilities. So our staff efforts and discussion have been progressing.

We are looking for an elected official module – that would work with tone, attitude and how they deal with development and business issues. As you know they run the gamut from just saying yes when they should not, to treating people poorly to saying no to a legitimate development (due to public pressure) even when it meets the city code or guidelines. Do you have or know of a customer service training module that works with elected on their role ( we have process, raci etc) but would maybe utilize tapes or live sessions to work them through issues on customer service?

Would appreciate any information/thoughts you could provide.


Lezlie A. Vermillion
Deputy County Administrator/
Community Services Director
200 Fourth Avenue West
Shakopee, MN 55379


Yesenia Castaneda

The Georgia Municipal Association has a robust training program for elected officials, some of course deal with customer service. For more information please see their website:

Deborah McDonnell

Check out Continuous Dialog, ( Carol Johnson. Carol presented to our City Council on Leadership Best Practices with a focus on Economic Development. 770-993-7178

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