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Innovative Training Programs

Matthew Fulton

I am interested in learning about innovative organizational training programs that have been successful in attracting employee interest and having productive outcomes. While this topic came up around the question of helping employees learn more in the area of technology, it would be great to hear about broad based training programs that are fun and productive.


Susan Kulbersh

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleĀ® Signature Program is a 3-day workshop, focused on dynamic training for personal and professional effectiveness.

The purpose of this course is to lead your life in a truly effective way, through both soft skill development as well as performance improvement. Participants will learn how to: take initiative, balance key priorities, improve interpersonal communication, leverage creative collaboration, and apply principles for achieving a balanced life.

The Goal is for participants to experience a powerful life transformation that fosters greater productivity, increased influence in key relationships, and stronger team unity, through interactive exercises, case studies and self-directed activities.

The Objectives include soft skills development and tools to guide participants and ultimately their departments to achieve effectiveness, through:
Preparation: Develop a clear definition of your top priorities and the results you want
Planning: Achieve balance and increase productivity through a weekly and daily planning process
Prevention: Be prepared to deal with difficult circumstances before they happen
There is a technology element; participants are encourage to download the app, and there are online tools. While it is traditionally a 3 day workshop, we trained/met for 4 consecutive weeks, (the same day each week) from 8:15-3:15. Since there are 7 Habits, the balance of the program was completed individually, through weekly emails, and meetings with their accountability partner. We have had great success with this personal/professional development program. We registered up to 16 participants per event and ran the program 6 times per year. Almost every workshop was full, with a waiting list. I think the key to our success was rolling it out to our Directors in a Pilot for buy-in. There was overwhelming support then to carry the program for the next 5 years we held 27 training events and had over 400 participants.

Douglas Shontz


Great question and there are a few resources that can help you develop innovative training programs.

First, has a couple of great articles on training programs. Check them out:



Second, ICMA has a couple of resources I would check out.

This recommended premium content is centered on creating Process Improvement Teams (PIT) to engage employees to address internal procedures to create more efficiency, eliminate waste, and avoid duplication. This could be implemented in lieu of or along with training programs.

Read this question feed on how other local governments used software in their training programs.

While these resources may not be exactly what you are looking for hopefully they are helpful. Good luck.

Douglas Shontz
Knowledge Network Intern

Steve Pleasant

Denver's Peak Academy is worth a look. They have a lot of collateral available on their site and freely share.
Here in Hillsboro, OR we're working on something similar internally, but at a much smaller scale.
Best regards

Matt Mueller

I am with the Town of Little Elm, Texas and about a year ago, we entered into a public private partnership with Strategic Government Resources to serve as our OD/Training Department. Our arrangement give us two onsite training classes per month and a dedicated OD professional to develop and administer our programming. We also utilize their learning management system to benefit give us further training opportunities. So far, we have been very pleased with our arrangement.

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