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311 Number Costs

Paul Mohr
Paul Mohr asked


Can anyone share the costs they experience in setting up the 311 phone number? Registration with FCC, working with cellular/land line phone carriers, etc.

Thank you in advance.

Paul Mohr
Business Analyst
City of Suprrise, AZ


Cory Fleming

The cost of establishing a 311/CRM system varies considerably depending on the features and functions required by the jurisdiction. I've seen small towns implement a CRM with a 7-digit number for under $3,000 whereas large cities can easily spend in the millions. The biggest challenge is defining the system requirements before you go out with a RFP.

The FCC doesn't issue the 311 number. That is generally handled by a State Public Utilities Commission, and again the cost can vary.

I have a white paper on call routing that I'll post for the group since the website isn't allowing me to upload the document directly in my response right now.

Paul Mohr

Paul Mohr

Thanks Cory. I am specifically looking for the cost of setting up the 311 phone number. We have our CRM and phone system already.

Alexander Hempton

In San Diego, I was told to go through our local landline phone operator (AT&T) instead of through the state CPUC.

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