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Monthly Performance Data

Tracy Miller
Tracy Miller asked

Sarasota County is interested in knowing what monthly performance data you review at management and/or leadership team meetings to help understand trends and determine performance levels. We are looking for data that represents organizational activity rather than just one department. Please respond here or directly to me at

Best Regards,
Tracy Miller
Strategic Management Adviser
Sarasota County, FL


Mark Abeles-Allison

Greetings. I would be interested in seeing what you come up with. County departments are very diverse as you know. Most have their own very specific performance indicators. More general county wide indicators could be based on benchmarks, a comparison across counties on per capita basis. Organization data could be examined based on number of complaints, compliments, energy consumption, press releases.

Jeffrey Naftal

Hi Tracy. We're using a canned product from Revelstone that includes preset metrics as well as we can build our own.

Kira Hasbargen

ICMA recently announced our partnership SAS, the leading developer of performance analytics software to provide local governments with a cutting-edge performance management and analytics platform designed to meet the unique needs of city and county managers.

ICMA Insights offers a core set of well-defined and comparable measures enabling communities to easily collect, clean, report, benchmark, and analyze their data.

Data can be collected and analyzed monthly and is focused on 900 key input, output and outcome measures that are centered on seven service clusters that look at the entire organization.

Visit to learn more.

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