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Rent by the Bed Multi-Family Complexes in College Towns

Elizabeth Bagwell

Are there municipalities that have enacted ordinances restricting rent-by-the-bed multi-family complexes? The idea of rent-by-the-bed complexes have greater impact on infrastructure and neighborhoods than traditional apartment communities. We are interested if and how other cities have addressed this relatively new business model.


Robin Saywitz


Here are two documents that you may find interesting while looking for answers to your policy question.
-Affordability at Top of the Smart Growth Adgenda for Massachusetts is a document that discusses how high prices can be damaging for a community and maybe these rent-by-the beds would help with this potential problem.
-This is a zoning code from a university town that deals with similar high density issues and you can read about how they are mitigating their issues with density through zoning. file:///C:/Users/rsaywitz.ICMA.000/Downloads/2105432.pdf

I hope you find these documents useful and although I have never heard of rent-by-the-bed apartments hopefully someone else on the Knowledge Network has experience with them and is willing to chime in and provide you with more advice.

Robin Saywitz
ICMA Knowledge Network Intern

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