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Most effective use of Social Media

Andrew Pederson

What is the most successful way ou have engaged your community through the use of social media?


Maxwell Moline

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the question. Here are a few resources from throughout the Knowledge Network that can help to answer your question:

In October, we posted a guide to Social Media and Citizen Engagement, which provides some good general ways to get people involved, and explains how there are new ways to measure how effective various sites are.

This Knowledge Network article examines a few different cities and their experiences with social media.

"Connecting through Social Media" offers several tips, measures of success, and examples for the local government official using social media.

Earlier this year, there was a similar conversation on the Knowledge Network that included a number of great answers about success through social media.

Finally, take a look at ICMA’s various social media presences for examples.

I hope this helps to answer your question. Please let us know if we can be of any more help.

Thank you,
Max Moline
Knowledge Network Intern

Toby Cotter

One of the most interesting successes for us on social media has been for a special event we do each August. The special event has more than 3,000 Facebook likes and tens of thousands of page views immediately before the event each year. We’ve actually had to assign several staff members to work Facebook full-time leading up to the event. A recent survey of attendees showed that more than 10 percent of attendees learned of the event through social media.
Here it is: http://www.facebook...

David Duckworth

Hi Andrew:

We use live web video streaming and Twitter feed during our public consultation meetings. The tweets are moderated and shown on a video screen to the public during our staff budget presentations. The Mayor takes the time during the budget meetings to answer any questions that come in through Twitter.

It has been very successful to date. If you're interested to learn more, visit our web site at

Dendra Best

Dendra Best

Hello David - what do you use for your live video streaming?

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