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Shifting from exchanges to true citizen engagement

Niel Curley
Niel Curley asked

What is your community doing to transform from having exchanges with citizens to truly engaging citizens?

Check out the attached document from Connected Communities: Local Government as a Partner in Citizen Engagement and Community Building to see if your community is truly engaged citizens and not merely having exchanges with them.


Lawrence Di Re

That is an excellent resource. I have used the Connected Communities document in my classes at Elmhurst College and in discussing civic engagement with colleagues.

Oneiceia Howard

This document looks quite promising. I have a unique position with the City of Norfolk that is directly connected to resident engagement. My work supports Norfolk's Safe, Healthy, Inclusive Neighborhoods priority. It's good to know what other cities are doing to improve community engagement. Sharing information is a way to learn and do better in our jobs. Thank you for posting this document.

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